SQ 64 midi to korg dw8000

I got the hugely marked down Reverb deal.using a Boss DR5 the SQ64 works perfectly.But the drums only worked on ch.10 the default ch.I can’t get a sound directly from the sq64 to the korg 8000 or Juno 106.if I midi out from the boss dr5 it will trigger the synths but all channels at once.Someone once told me I couldn’t use a sequencer on my Juno 106 because it wasn’t multi-timbreal??I can’t find anything online or YouTube.Ive tried the Omni settings and all 16 other channels in every combination.Drum machine works perfectly,midi controller works perfectly for all 3 keyboards on every midi channel but Sq64 won’t trigger the keys.2 8000s and a 106