Sticky surface screen bezel and Joy stick frame

I have a Korg PA3X 76. The surface around the touch screen bezel and the housing around the joy stick are very sticky with age. Is there any remedy to fix this surface?

I don’t know that specific board but it sounds like it probably had a rubberized surface. I use goo gone for that, a tiny bit. I would recommend putting that on a rag and rubbing carefully around where the rubber / sticky is, providing it was once rubberized. If not I don’t know what to try.

Having it on the rag will prevent it from seeping through to the board below. so don’t have it saturated.
One guy in the korg forums also said he used denatured alcohol and it’s good now.

The reason I know this is I have photography lights that the entire body was covered in a rubber coating and it was gummy as heck, I spent 8 hours removing the sticky from doing a complete disassembly of 2 lights so I’m positive it was probably a rubber surface at one point.

Good luck!