Studiologic SL88 Fatar dead key

I’ve had the keyboard since October '22.

The Bb below middle-C on my SL88 has started to fail. Sometimes it doesn’t send any notes.

It seems it’s a known issue on another forum (, caused by one of the “bubbles” on one of the rubber contact strips getting stuck in an inverted position.

If I wait a few minutes, the problem goes away (perhaps the bubble pops back out) but if I hammer the same note several times, the problem returns (suggesting that the bubble gets inverted again).

I suppose this leads to me needing a new contact strip which I found in the store but I don’t know which one corresponds to the dead key in question.

I don’t know if it’s gotta be the 3-note, 4-note, the 8-note, the 12-note or the 13-note strip.

…okay, let’s do some observation and elimination based on the parts available in the shop:

They’re selling the middle contact board (which is probably where the dead key is sitting) and this thing has 32 keys on it. So with simple division, I imagine that it’s got 4 of the 8-note strips on it.