Studiologic SL88 Grand

Hello. Please guide me! Living in Russia, in the provinces, four years ago I bought a new studiologic sl88 grand keyboard. Some keys stopped responding over time. We took it apart with a computer technician and found out that many of the contacts on the rubber strips were worn out. Needs to be replaced with new ones. In this regard, questions:

  1. Do I understand correctly that a complete set of rubber bands is one 3-key strip; six 12-key strips and one 13-key strip?
  2. Are all the strips attached in the same way or does each octave have a different hole arrangement? When disassembling it in the workshop, out of ignorance, I didn’t pay attention to this, but was just too lazy to disassemble it again for this purpose.
  3. Is it possible to cut strips if necessary?
  4. Is there any additional lubricant for the rubber bands and is it necessary?
  5. Is it possible to buy a set of contact strips from you? If yes, then how much, if not, then where?
    Thank you.