Suggestions on purchasing an E-mu Emulator II?

Hi. I’m currently in the market for an Emulator II. I know I can expect to spend anywhere from 1k to 5k but I’m not sure how to go about getting one from out of state.

I live in the Minneapolis, MN area but haven’t found any locally. I’ve seen some out there but they’re several states away. Any suggestions on how to make sure what I’m buying is legit? If I’m spending 1-5k, I’d rather not just throw out the money and pray that the seller is honest.

Or, would I be better off just holding out to find one nearby that I can go check out in person?


If your buying off ebay, they will most likely ship it to you.
If its Craigslist, you will have to drive to get it. Contact the seller and arrange a date you can drive to pick it up. Just watch a few videos from Syntaur, Sam drives across the USA to find them.