Supernova Rack bad pot

I have a rackmount Supernova with a bad rotary potentiometer. I ordered a couple 50k from the Supernova parts section, but now that I have my synth disassembled, I see it uses 10k pots. Does anyone know a correct part number to order from Digikey or Mouser?

I may have answered my own question, but I’ll keep this open in case anyone knows for sure. I just ordered a couple Bourns PTV09A-4215F-B103 pots.

As you found, the Supernova keyboard pots don’t cross over to the rack models. Is the pot you need the same physical size as the 50K pot you bought, just a different resistance?

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I believe they’re the same physical dimensions, yes.

I just ordered a couple Bourns PTV09A-4215F-B103 pots.

These are the wrong size, and have a center detent. After looking through the datasheet it looks like the correct part number is PTV09A-4020F-B103.

On the Keyboard version, broken solder joints and just dirty pots aren’t uncommon at all. Have you tried giving the pot a good cleaning with deoxit / faderlube and re - soldering the pot in place? You may be able to rehabilitate your existing pot.

Just a thought.

I would do a seach for 10 k ohm ?X watts and order the best match or better.