Suzuki GP-3 Fixing and Lubing the Rod

I just got a free to good home Suzuki GP-3 with keys sticking. I have it taken apart and fixin to start cleaning the old lube out. Not ready to buy the ACE rod kit yet until i see that all the bells and whistles are working. I got a 0.31" rod to redo it with. 2 of the Knucle Black need to be replaced, and the last plastic end on the hammer weight was broken. They tried to glue it. For rite now those parts will be on the high pitch end of the keyboard which i rarely use in my Boogie Woogie piano journey. Now for the lubing part. Dabbling with the idea of using FLUID FILM. It works great on just about everything. The only precautions on the site is some types of rubber. I do have some white lithium grease. Several types of it.
Being that the rod is not stainless Steel, the Fluid Film will keep it from developing rust.

P.S. off subject. The Fluid Film works great on Battery Terminals.