Suzuki Omnichord OM-84, Powers up but no sound

Hey y’all, i just recently got a Omnichord OM-84 and it powers up but I’ve got no sound coming out of the speakers or the 1/4" output, aside from some small pops and crackles when i touch the strumplate and a low buzzing sound that increases with pitch when i turn the rhythm tempo knob up. This unit appears to have suffered some battery acid damage with some bad corrosion in the battery terminal, however the boards are spared except for a few corroded screws and one corroded trim pot.

All of the volume knobs seem to be functioning well after i applied some deoxit. I started with re-flowing all the solder joints between the two boards, but there was no change. I tested all the connections with the multimeter afterwards and they all are good.

I’ve already inquired with the Suzuki tech over at Omnichord heaven, but i’m still waiting on him to answer my email. I was wondering if anyone here had any experience repairing these or any ideas where to go with troubleshooting from here. Any help is appreciated, thanks y’all!