Switch actuator for Korg is just garbage. REQUIRES aton of flash cleanup

Iv ordered 4 switch actuators, the new production from Syntaur. Every single one is just low quality, the molds are garbage. There is so much flash material that needs to be removed with a razor knife on every piece. None are out of the box plug and play, there is flash bridging the only moving part and all have flash on the push button surface that needs to be removed.

We have followed up on this in a separate email, but I also wanted to post here.

Yes, these pieces are unfortunately pretty sloppy with flash from the casting. Thankfully, most of this flash is not really of concern, but some pieces did have so much that it inhibited the action of the button. And one of the pieces we sent was deformed to the extent that it was just unusable.

This is disappointing - we want the products we sell to be top notch, drop-in replacements. In this case, we had the opportunity to purchase an existing supply of this part which has been otherwise long out of production and unavailable. And while we certainly wish the castings were cleaner, at least we have a workable replacement for these actuators…

We have sent out replacements for this order, and to insure that no one else has a similar issue, we are going through our entire stock of these and making sure that none of them will have flash that inhibits their motion, and that none are deformed.

We appreciate your calling this to our attention, and your patience in getting this resolved.