Switching Roland JD 800 power supply from 240v to 120vi

Hey all,

I just picked up a JD 800 but it came from the UK, I’m in Canada, obviously different power requirements. Thankfully the JD 800 seems to have a power supply that can be easily switched to different voltages by moving a single wire over.

Now I have no issue taking things apart and soldering a clearly broken connection if I have to, but I just don’t know anything about power delivery and the all the technical bits. So I figured before I go destroying my new toy I should ask here.

Is there anything else I would need to do here to properly convert this JD 800 to run at 120v instead of 240v ? Comparing my 240v unit to the photo here on Syntaur in the JD 800 parts section of a 120v setup, everything appears to be wired up exactly the same with the exception of the black ac wire (from what I can tell). On the small “primary board” the wires leading to the power switch and ac plug are not black and white on my unit, they are all brown but look to be wired up the same.


My unit

Any help is greatly appreciated :+1:

thanks guys !

Usually I’d say, that you have to change the fuse on the primary side to a different value (the less voltage the transformer gets, the more current it will draw). But according to the service manual there isn’t any fuse. If you find the fuse, then you will have to double its value. Example: 240V 0.3A Fuse -> 120V 0.6A Fuse.

Looks correct to change the single wire.

Only noticeable difference from the schematic is 240V models use 3 prong AC inlets with a ground, which I see you have in your photo with the green wire, vs 2 prong AC inlets on 230V models and below. This should be fine, and others have converted the 120V 2 prong inlets to 3 prongs to standardize with other equipment.