Synergy DK, worth repairing this beast?

So I work at a music store that mostly deals with vintage guitars, and we occasionally get synths that come through here. Recently the store bought an instrument collection from a musician who passed away who apparently worked in soundtracks. They had lots of unusual, stringed acoustic instruments and etc but they also had this large wooden box with a Synergy DK rehoused inside of it. Apparently they weren’t much of a keyboard person, and it was their only keyboard.

Does anyone have any power supply diagrams for one of these ? It appears to have been re-housed externally when the keyboard was re-housed. An empty 8-pin molex connector and a few ground wires just hanging in the breeze where they should go to a large power supply unit with a fan.

Definitely worth restoring!
Especially if you can find the Wendy Carlos cartridges.
Tauntek did a great write up on some restoration tips.

I found this site in some of my research, it seems to lack a power supply diagram…

I’m gonna keep digging, hopefully i find one. This keyboard doesn’t belong to me but it’s probably going to live in my house indefinitely…