Syntaur K23UE (S90ES white key) doesn't included black rubber dampening pad

Hi Syntaur,
I just received part# K23UE (S90ES white replacement key), but it does NOT have the black rubber pad attached to it.

Is this something that I need to order separately?
If so, then what is the part number for the small black rubber dampening pad that should be attached to each key?


You should be able to take the old of the old/broken key !?

Yeah, in my experience from getting new ones off eBay-the new, still sealed in the package Yamaha keys usually don’t come with the rubber pad as they assume you’ll just pull it off the broken key.

Well, it looks like I don’t need to worry about replacing a broken key after all. Now that I (somewhat) have a handle on removing keys from the S90ES keybed (tho I still can’t just “pop out” white keys as is shown in one YouTube video and in the S90ES service manual). It turns out that the E-key I thought was broken was actually fine and popped back in ok. So, I just left the rubber pad and grease alone on it before re-installing it (tho now I have an extra E-key that I’ll never use). I will say the S90ES is built like a freaking tank.