Synth Wizards Episode 6: Jupiter under Pressure

We’re starting the new year off right with another episode of Synth Wizards! This time, the crew has some fun with a Jupiter 4 from Russia. Watch it with us during the live premiere tomorrow at 6:00 EST!

This episode features music from @eQtweaker and @DavRBailey! Thanks to them for submitting their songs and thanks to all of you for being early adopters of this forum! There’s a brief segment on the forum in this episode, so hopefully we see some new faces on here soon!

That was fun! @cody, we need to get you some coffee. It’s a CS-80!!!

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Hmm, a CS80 didn’t bother me when I was as old as @cody. It took me to get over 35 to become excited over it. Now that I am 59 I’m glad that it became only a CS-50 (especially my spinal discs say are very happy :wink: )

This was the video YouTube suggested to me that brought me here to discover you had the parts I needed to fix my Edirol controller. It’s also the video that got me to subscribe to your channel.

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Well, welcome aboard!