Synth Wizards Episode 8: The Elusive DX1

Happy Labor Day! The newest episode of Synth Wizards is premiering this evening, and it’s all about the legendary Yamaha DX1! Watch the premiere at 7:00/6:00 Central.

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Really enjoyed this episode of Synth Wizards. Additive and FM synthesis were the first Synth programming techniques I had learned back in the day, and that episode brought back some great memories. Although If I were to ever get my hands on a DX1, I could never part with it …Even for Chuck Surack lol

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It was definitely hard to part with - but then, I say that about so many keyboards that have gone through here! If I kept all the good ones, I’d have a really cool collection - but then I’d have to sell them all to pay the bills.

O, 'tis better to have loved and lost a DX1, than to never have loved at all!


Sam, I thought you did a really nice job of explaining the basics of FM synthesis. I have a few students who’ve been studying digital recording with me - essentially how to work ITB with DAWs, synthesis basics, MIDI, etc - and I’m always looking for more efficient ways to convey the concepts we cover. Thanks for a new insight into explaining FM.

Btw, I’ve never cared for Yamaha products but now I want a DX1.

A great episode. I actually saw a DX1 on ebay once a few years back. It was about £10,000 and based in Japan, so voltage differences and tax, shipping to worry about. I think at the time I had that money available but I was after an Oberheim Xpander instead (which I never bought either). They’re massive as well, I doubt I would have had room for such a monster.

Great episode. I really enjoy watching these. Such a distinctive form factor. So 1980’s. I think it’s cool you covered some unexpected synths like the DX1 and the SQ80.

Hey Sam, great job on the new episode! I had a question about the Synclavier you acquired at the end. Did it happen to come with any system disks? My friend and I are restoring a similar system from the early 80s and are looking for OS revision F or G for it.

The Synclav did not come with any disks, so we are working on finding some. Feel free to contact me directly - maybe we can help each other out on these!

Thanks Sam! I still have one or two leads I haven’t followed up with yet, and would be happy to share what we’ve found so far. Is this forum the best way to contact you directly? I can’t recall if it has personal messaging or not.