Synth Wizards production


We’re knocking around some ideas to make Synth Wizards a better show, so we’d love to hear your suggestions! One debate going on in my head is: should it be more technical and synth-geeky, or should it be more fun and personable? I want to strike the right balance between fun and entertaining to watch, and still a good amount of helpful tech stuff.

What sorts of things do you want to see, in general terms? Mods, repairs, pranks, background stories, more shots of Cody driving? We’d love to know.



Just from what I’ve seen on your YouTube channel, my two favorite videos of yours was the episode where you took the road trip to gather up all those old synths and the “if you could only have one synth on a deserted island video”.
I believe you said the poll winner was an SQ80?..

To me those were longer videos and told a cool story and we’re just very entertaining.
I became a Syntaur fan after watching those two videos.
After those two videos I watched and loved the one where you brainstormed and created the Juno 107. I was a little bummed when there weren’t too many more longer story type videos on your channel…it’s kind of like when a Netflix binge watcher gets to the end of a really good series…lol.
So I guess what I’m trying to say is, please make more cool, longer, story like videos!!
That’s my 2¢


Here’s a vote for technical and synth-geeky. Would that automatically exclude fun and personable? One thing I’d like to see is programming tricks people come up with or notice. Mods are cool and I’m sure repairs will be popular. What sort of pranks did you have in mind?


Nothing particular in mind about pranks - just mixing in some light-hearted fun amongst the synth geekery. And just a teaser for forum users: Synth Wizards episode 6 is shooting, and a Roland Jupiter 4 will be in the starring role.


Synth Wizards episode 6 is slated for release by the end of the year, and features this Roland Jupiter 4. Mod spotting, anyone?


I’m going to assume the Bump/Off/Aft switch is new, given the lettering difference. And that I don’t recall it having aftertouch.


Yes, good spotting! You’ll see it in action very soon…


I love the TV show style of Synth Wizards. Road trips, special one-off restores or tributes to special synths are all fun to watch. I imagine these things take some time to make. I wouldn’t change them. I’d suggest on the technical/geekery side to just do short, 5-10 minute workbench type stuff with just a steady camera and mic setup where you can maybe address a common problem or question. Something quick and easy to make and just upload.


Sam, in reference to your post about suggestions for ideas with Synth Wizards, I would like to add that I really enjoy the format that your currently doing. It seem like the format is search, fix, repair, mod, and sell. However, the only thing that I would add would be is to showcase the synth that your featuring just a little more. For example, in episode 6 the main focal point was the Jupiter 4 but the synth was only briefly played in little moments at a time. I felt that the episode built up a lot of anticipation to hear the Jupiter 4, so I was anticipating the tones a bit more and the idea of hearing a short song with it. Hence, the big reveal of all it’s glory. Perhaps, Moonray could have possibly provided it in this case. Instead, what was presented was a bit of fiddling around with it. Overall, Yes, I did get to hear it and what it could do but I was kind of hoping for a bit more by the end of the video. My best guess is that the main idea and concept of the videos are heavily leaning toward a repairs, tech, and informational/historical topics. At any rate, I hope this helps & I must add again I enjoy the videos, keep it coming. I’m now anticipating that CS-80.


These are great ideas and observations, thank you! We are giving serious thought to doing some ‘mini’ how-to videos, and to working in more actual playing on the keyboards we restore and modify. Greatly appreciate the feedback!