Synthomania 2018: San Antonio, September 8, 2018

Thanks for celebrating Synthesizer Day with us, everybody. You know we couldn’t let it go by without one more surprise.

We’re bringing back our swap meet from half a decade ago, Synth-O-Mania! Only now it’s also a concert and a DIY workshop. :gerald: Please come hang out with us at Paper Tiger!

More info:

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We’re starting to put together our line-up of performers for Synthomania. If you do live synthesizer-based performing, hit us up! We’ll probably have several performers doing 45-minute sets.

And in case you haven’t noticed, the day will culminate with a Gary Numan performance! (You’ll need to purchase tickets for that part.) His new release is really killer, and I am way stoked about this!

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Gary Numan!! Right on

We are going to have a stunning array of synthesizers at Synthomania. Some will be fully functional and ready to play (and ready to buy, if you like), but we also want to bring some out from our warehouse that have not yet been refurbished, just because they are too cool to NOT bring! Here are a few highlights of what Syntaur should have on hand:

Our Syntaur/Roland Juno-107 that we built for the NAMM show, with its custom Patch Sweep circuitry
Arp Odyssey with our Syntaur Sub-Oscillator kit installed
Yamaha CS-80
Moog vintage Minimoog
Elka Elkatwin 61 (very rare, and very cool!)
Rhodes Chroma
Arp Quadra
Sequential Circuits Prophet 5’s – a Rev 1, a Rev 2, and a Rev 3 side by side!
Roland Jupiter 4 and Jupiter 6
Yamaha CS-40M
Moog Polymoog
Soviet Aelita and TOM 1501
Ensoniq Fizmo prototype
…and much, much more!

Our friends at Switched On are certain to bring a load of cool stuff as well, so if you love synths, you will definitely want to immerse yourself in this madness. Be there, or be a square wave!

We are excited to welcome both Korg and Reverb as sponsors for next month’s Synthomania event. Because of our sponsors, you can win some really cool door prizes - for example, we’ll be doing a drawing for $200 in Reverb Bucks. That’s $200 you can spend on any purchase from any Reverb seller!

We’re also getting the performances lined up, and we’re excited about these also. You’ll be able to groove to the synth pop of Austin-based Moonray, and we’ll kick off the event with Gabriel Zavala and Mario Ortiz storming the stage together. These two guys have four Grammy nominations between them! And of course, as Synthomania winds down in the courtyard, Gary Numan will be winding up on the main stage - what a treat that will be!

We have a new website for the event:

Can’t wait!

Korg has just delivered a brand new Prologue that will be given away as a door prize at Synthomania - how cool is that?!? Dave Smith Instruments is sending some door prizes too, so you might take home a ‘swag kit’ of a DSI T-shirt, a poster autographed by Dave, and a set of shot glasses. And Yamaha has come on board as a sponsor as well - whenever you demo a keyboard at the event, you’ll be hearing it through Yamaha headphones.

These companies are really kicking this event up a notch, and they deserve a tremendous Thank You!