TR 606 Kick Drum not working

Hi everyone,

This is my first post here so Hi!
After recently completing an Electronics Fault finding course I wanted to try and resolve some of my own equipment before fixing others. I have a TR 606 and everything apart from the kick drum is working.
I have looked at the schematics and attempted some probing but got a bit stuck.
I have used a logic probe on IC5 29040 JRC 2027 and am getting no readings from the probe. Is this normal? or can I assume that this chip is dead?
Also tried IC 14 also connected to the Bass drum (same part as IC5 ) and get the same result…nothing -
I believe IC 14 is connected to the output section of the board.
I would be grateful if anyone maybe able to shed some light on where I am going wrong or where I could aqcuire this part? Have looked on Syntaur site and they currently don’t have it.