Triton's Sound Process OS

Hi guys. I noticed that your Ensoniq Mirage library page has changed a lot. You used to have a list of Triton’s Sound Process OS disc’s. Did they all sell out? And if so, is there any chance these will be available again in the future?

Also, I was wondering if you could post a list of Triton’s disc’s, and the included sounds they had on them here for future reference. I used to own the Additive disc, but forgot what was on the rest. Thank you :slight_smile:

Pretty much all of our floppy disk products have been discontinued, because (1) floppy disks are no longer manufactured, and we’ve been scraping the bottom of the barrel for a while, (2) we’ve also run out of disk labels, which we can work around, but only in tedious and annoying ways, and the final straw, (3) our DOS-running disk duplicating computer just went to the great silicon resting place in the sky, in a dramatic flash of sparks and smoke.

The Soundprocess sound disks were created by Livewire Audio (Bob Spencer), except that a programmer at Syntaur (Todd Speer) did a couple of the banks on one disk after we found that our master disk and computer EDM files of one of the Livewire disks suddenly and independently all became corrupt in two of the banks. How that happened remains a perplexing mystery to this day. In any case, I will see if we have the program lists for those in some uploadable form, and post them here if we do.

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Thank you for all of that info Sam …Much appreciated.

I Totally understand the old computers fizzling out. I used to use a 200 Mhz Pentium Pro Gateway 2000 I dubbed the “Chopstick 2000” that used to make Mirage Format Images for me, (rightly named that because there were literally chopsticks holding a hard drive up I tweaked to run off of the CD-ROM input internally). It also ended up with your computer in the great silicon resting place in the sky lol.

Also good to hear from you again. I’m sure you don’t remember me. But the last time we corresponded was way back when. I mean waaaaaay back when through M.U.G. magazine (remember that!). I used to sell sound banks under MEL productions through M.U.G. and I believe I bought some Mirage stuff from you back then if I’m not mistaken. It’s good to see your still around …Keep on keepin’ on!

Michael Lyon