Unable to open battery cover on a Roland Pad 5

Any tips or ideas on opening a battery lid without breaking it? I have a Roland Pad5 I’d like to use but I can’t slide the battery lid to add batteries? Last night was like a scene from the Giant Turnip with my wife, son and me all trying at the same time to shift it forward, I feel foolish but please help?

I looked up the manual of the product so I could see what you are dealing with (see photo) I assume this is the same as your battery compartment? My best guess is the batteries have corroded and “swelled” against the plastic cover, wedging it in place. It also could be the sticky foam backer to the battery door.

If you TOO suspect corrosion or something sticky, use (VERY SPARINGLY) some white vinegar or some simple green cleaner try to work a very small amount into a seam in the cover. Let it sit and let the juice do its stuff. This generally works for me when plastic doors get stuck on other products.

Sorry I cannot be of more assistance.


Steve, you’re a total star, I will try later today, cheers mate.

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I really hope it works. I have had to deal with those stuck covers before. the best you can do is get something to neutralize the crust and keep working the piece until it frees. forcing it only ruins the unit.

Good Luck!