Vermona et 6-1 losing nervous but not the hope

I’m Janek and I’m from Poland in central Europe.
I truly admire your work and fact that you guys rescue analog instruments and music from forgetting.
I’m posting this topic just to show you what I’m trying to rise from hell of communist times.
Now I’m on recap all electrolytes and trying to turn on the power source. (It’s two pair of symmetrical voltages ±50V and ±25V).
For now I’m happy that my flat isn’t burn yet :rofl:

Let me know what do you think about this project :upside_down_face:
PS: sorry for my English.

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Hi Janek

Its from socialists time, not communists :wink:

Hey, thats a nice project. If the mechanical parts still are ok, then you may be lucky. Also I think, that Lutz Wuerker may be a good supporter for you : (the page is in german only unfortunately, but Lutz is speaking (broken) english too - and assumingly russian).

Best regards
Florian (from the capitalists block :wink: )

A little update. Still fighting with power source. That was look so simple that I ask myself why do you want to change this , not to repair ? Yeahhh… Try to find ss200 transistor :upside_down_face:

A BC107 should do it.