Waldorf customer service is .. LEGENDARY

HI there , I hope you are all getting well :slight_smile:

Just a return over experience about Waldorf customer service .

Last month, after deeply cleaning (around 5-7 hours) a Waldorf Q Yellow , I decided to tear it down in order to install a 16 voices expansion daughter board : BIG MISTAKE !!!

One of the PIC controller is quite dangerously placed close to a metal gutter , and if you don t take very close care (ME) , you destroy a 30 years old PIC … :scream::sob::sob::sob::sob::sob:

My back was sweating ice cubes … Deeply down, I decided to write to Waldorf customer service , and … they just replied to me that this kind of request was quite rare ,BUT they will do their best to just dig into 30 years old binary backups and ; may be; burned a new microcontroller for me .

I received the chip yesterday , plugged it into the synth while sweating like a Baboon , and voila !!! Now the synth works perfectly fineand with 32 voices !!!

That was just a return over experience that I wanted to share about tech people taking care of any kind of stuff, trouble in order to make β€œyour precious” back to life . I live in Europe so , I am far away from Synthaur :slight_smile: Anyhow , YOU, girls & guys a just pure Legend :slight_smile:

Have a great day and take care !