Waldorf Q Yellow - Front panel cleaning help

Hello there ! :slightly_smiling_face:

I have recently bought a perfectly functioning Waldorf Q yellow , but despite of its very good shape, the synth needs a very serious front panel cleanup while the previous owners apparently didn t care at all. So , I would like some advises and help in order to give it its youth back . !

Thank you in advance !!!


Hello: Watch out for stains, some come off with a water cleaner, and oil stains that come off with solvents.
Use a water moist soft rag, rub-off the stains (no scrubbing)
On another clean dry rag apply a drop or 2 of WD-40 to clean and rub-off oil stains, glue and duct tape residues, this is the best cleaner.
Make sure to wipe it dry, it could damage. the paint if it stays for too long.

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Hi !

Thank you for your tip :hugs:

It seems that the previous owner was chain smoking in front of his synth during the last 20 years , so the result is that there is a sticky layer of nicotine with incrusted dust darkening the yellow color …

Until now I was using hot water with dish soap plus an electric tooth brush and it give pretty good results (if you are very very patient and relax ) . To finish the tooth brushed area , I gently used a car polish liquid.

I made a little test on the LFO area partly cleaned up to see the differences ( very obvious when compared with the wheels area ) . Cleaned area has a more vivid colors and very smooth surface.

I will give it a try with the WD-40 .

Thanks .

The tools I used for the test :

BEFORE :face_vomiting:

AFTER : :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Mr. Clean Magic Eraser for all cleaning needs, damp with water but not dripping wet.

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Thank you for your answer :slightly_smiling_face: I will keep it under the elbow the next time I will need to clean and refresh a synth panel .
In the meantime , I got back the synth panel to a very clean and vivid surface instead of a yellow-brownish sticky dusty one !!!
Once cleaned up