Wavestate Utility Button

Hi All, My Wavestate’s “Utility” button seems to not work…I press it and the system menu does not display in the screen but every other component on the synth is functioning. Syntaur sells tact switches so I take it they fail. Is there only one type of tact switch employed on the Wavestate and if so I would like to verify the one Syntaur sells is the correct one, it’s hell trying to find technical service information about the synth.

I contacted a few large retailers here in the states and they wouldn’t give me much information because I didn’t purchase the unit from them…gate keeping I suppose. I am a competent technician with electrical and IC experience so soldering the switch is no problem but I would like to verify I am getting the correct one from Syntaur or where I can get the switch I need. Thanks for any info you all have.

I’ve replaced quite a few of those tactile switches on various gear. They’re supposed to have a long life, but I’ve seen far too many that have failed.

Every part I’ve ordered from Syntaur has been right so far. I think they pull these parts from their repair bench, so you can trust them to sell you the right button. They should also be available from Mouser and Digi-Key, but they don’t have a cross reference to a Korg part number.

Thanks!! I get it on order and check it out.