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We’re cranking up this forum as a means of helping as many synth folks as possible. We get LOTS of emails, and in many cases, our answers to questions seem like they could serve a wider purpose by ending up in a more public forum, like this! Also, we don’t always have the time to answer tech questions in a timely fashion, so this is a place where others can jump in if they know the answers - and we certainly encourage those with technical know-how to share it here.

So if you’ve got questions, or if you’ve got answers, step right up here, and speak clearly into the microphone…


Sam Mims

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I’m one of an online group of Ensoniq SQ-80 players and was wondering if it is possible at this point that the “SQ-80 Keyboard Rebuild Kit” might ever be back in stock. I still have clackey keys. Although I did read somewhere where one guy replaced a strip under the key bushings and got a quiet action. So maybe not all hope is lost.

I remember you well from decades ago, back in the Transoniq Hacker days - you’d always send in some cool patches! It’s nice to bump into you again, Kirk!

I copied your post (and my response) to a new thread so other SQ-80 folks will see it. Thanks!


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