What kind of "hex" style screwdriver needed (Korg Triton Pro x)

Hi, I’ve just discovered that this keyboard has certain hex-looking screws, about the size of a phillips-head tip. I’m not even sure what they’re called, but they look nearly like an open circle inside. Could someone recommend which tool to handle them? I’ve not encountered this before. Many thanks.

Sounds like a “star” type screw head. Would that describe it better?

Thanks a lot. I think that’s what this is. I didn’t know this was used on keyboards.

Those are sometimes called “torque” screws. You can buy drivers for those.

If it’s a 6 point star it’s Torx. But there is a variation of that called a Torx Security. If you search for that you’ll see it’s very similar but has a circle in the center which prevents a regular Torx bit from fitting in the socket. A lot of devices started using those about 15 years ago. It’s not very secure any more since every place sells the bits.

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Clistor, Erica is right, it’s called Torx Security… I had tried removing these screws before with tiny jeweler’s screwdriver set, the flat ones, and you will find one flat size that will fit tight and you will be able to remove these Torx…or, buy complete set of Security Torx bits…easy does it…

Thanks, everyone. I appreciate it.