What size hex screw for top of ESQ-1?

Syntaur doesn’t have them in stock, and no one mentions the size of the hex screw needed for the 4 that secure the top of the control panel.

I’ve checked all the manuals I could find, as well as Google of course.

I’ve got another 6 synths to go on the bench after 10 years in storage, so I greatly appreciate any help on this!

EDIT: I tried the screws from my SQ-80 and they are not the same.

There’s two different versions of ESQ-1, a plastic and a metal one and they might be different. I just took a screw out of a plastic ESQ-1 (all we have in the shop at the moment) and it seems like it they used US screw sizes rather than metric. Seems to be a #4-40 and 7/16" long.

Most other Ensoniqs use metric M3 12mm screws, that should be what’s in your SQ-80.

I might be wrong on this but hope it gives you something to try.

Hey thanks a lot, Travis!
Mine is a metal case, but maybe I’ll try to hit up Home Depot and give that a go.
I appreciate your taking the time to help!