Where to find capacitors for Korg C46?

I’m repairing a friend’s Korg C46 piano. The main circuit board (KLM-1653) has some clearly failed electrolytic capacitors. They’re surface mount, most of them are 10 (nanofarads, I’m guessing), some are 47. All the obviously failed ones are 10s. Failures are identified by the oozed brown goop on the PCB.

How would I find replacement capacitors for this board?


Hey there!

Usually capacitor values are implied to be microfarads. Of course that isn’t always the case but for an electrolytic it’s probably 10 microfarads since electrolytics tend to go as low as about 0.1 microfarads. You can find capacitors like that from electronics parts distributors like Digikey or Mouser. You will need to determine the voltage rating of the capcitors too. The replacement capacitors must have an equal or greater voltage rating (usually best not to go too high over for capacitor longevity). One last thing to check is whether they are polar or bipolar, if they have a black stripe on one side then they’re polar. I assume they are polar.

Something like this should do as long as it’s the right size (you may want to verify with a ruler or calipers) and 50V is sufficient and they are bipolar.

Thanks! Yes, I found the same Digikey-distributed product. And my calipers show that the size is right. I’m all set. Thanks!

The digikey part search can do better than that.

  1. First download the service manual.
  2. Select Packaging and “Cut Tape” for where DK will source the parts.
  3. Select Stocking options and “In Stock”
  4. Select the capacitor UF value,
  5. Select the voltage value.
  6. Select Mounting Type " Surface Mount"
  7. Measure to confirm “Surface Mount Land Size”
    If the part is too big or too small it wont fit or will short out on other traces.
  8. The height of the capacitor may not be an issue in this application, but it is
    critical in portable electronics.