Which grease for Yamaha S90ES key replacement?

After 18 years, I finally messed up and broke a key on my Yamaha S90ES ugh.
I’ve already popped out the broken key and ordered a replacement from Syntaur.
I believe it is a Yam BHE (Balanced Hammer Effect) keybed (also used in some other Yam keyboards around then).

So, in case I need to add more grease to the replacement key (rather than just scrape it from the broken key) - does anyone know which grease Yamaha actually used when the S90ES was produced - so lazy me can just (wishfully) just apply more without having to clean up the keybed at that spot before greasing and popping-in the replacement key.

I’ve seen threads that mention: MolyKote 111, MolyKote 33, and a Yamaha White Grease V627430Y.

If you know which grease I should (or can) use - please let me know.


I could not find the grease that Yamaha uses but I did some research and found that “Super Lube Silicone Lubricating Brake Grease with Syncolon” does not damage most plastics. It has not been a problem for me yet, but I only put it on about 6 - 7 months ago.

Thanks for the reply, Mal. It is unclear what grease Yam actually used back in 2006. But I did find a few places that sell what is supposedly Yam’s original part# for the grease (and in small quantifies - not 50g tubes),

On the downside (or upside maybe ha) - I don’t think I’ll need it - the broken E-key on my S90ES was actually just “repositioned” (not physically broken) and after figuring out how to remove/replace keys in that keybed, I was able to just pop it back into place and everything works ok - what a tank of a keyboard - go Yam!!

And thanks for your reply still,