Which NORD Stage 2 Output Jacks?

The only NORD output jacks I can find on the Syntaur website (besides headphone jacks) are part #1994 “stereo” output, and part #4989 “mono” but it states “not for Stage 2 or 3”. Well, the NORD Stage 2 output jacks (1 - 4) are described in the documentation as being unbalanced MONO 1/4" outputs. If that is the case, then which connector is it? The “stereo” part #1994 - or the apparent correct “mono” part #4989 that specifically states it is not for the NORD Stage 2 or 3? This is very confusing. Is the part I need even available on this website? Any helpful information greatly appreciated.

Part #1994 itself is a stereo jack, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that it is being used that way - it can still be outputting a mono signal. It should be the correct part for the outputs on the Stage 2.

Thank you for the response!

Can the usb port be replaced on the Nord Stage 2 or is it a part of the motherboard? I see the audio jacks in the parts list but not a usb port. Mine had a cable plugged in and someone stepped on it and apparently broke the usb jack.

It is almost certainly this part:

I’ve not looked at a Stage 2 to verify this first-hand, but this is the USB connector used on other Nord keyboards, and I’m confident it will be correct. It is soldered to the circuit board.

Thanks! It turned out to be the correct part. After I opened up the Nord Stage 2 I found that all of the mono outputs are Switchcraft RN112BPC stereo jacks.