Yamaha An1x LCD replacement... Any options?


Hi all … first post (be kind!!) :wink:

I’ve searched the web regarding finding a replacement LCD for a Yamaha An1x… over time the screen becomes dim and hard to read. I’ve read mostly very old posts and apparently the screen was custom made to fit the synth so it’s impossible (or was impossible at the time) to find a replacement with the same dimensions.

I was just wondering if anyone has recently found a solution to finding a replacement part… is there a current LCD that would do the job? If not, does anyone know if it’s possible to somehow use a different LCD and mount it externally inside a zippy box (ie. somehow run a cable from the internal connector to an external replacement LCD that is mounted in a zippy box).

Failing all of the above, does anyone know if simply replacing the internal LCD backlights might improve the quality of the display?

As you can tell by the questions, I know zero about LCD screens… 8-/

Many thanks for your help.