Yamaha An1x LCD replacement... Any options?

Hi all … first post (be kind!!) :wink:

I’ve searched the web regarding finding a replacement LCD for a Yamaha An1x… over time the screen becomes dim and hard to read. I’ve read mostly very old posts and apparently the screen was custom made to fit the synth so it’s impossible (or was impossible at the time) to find a replacement with the same dimensions.

I was just wondering if anyone has recently found a solution to finding a replacement part… is there a current LCD that would do the job? If not, does anyone know if it’s possible to somehow use a different LCD and mount it externally inside a zippy box (ie. somehow run a cable from the internal connector to an external replacement LCD that is mounted in a zippy box).

Failing all of the above, does anyone know if simply replacing the internal LCD backlights might improve the quality of the display?

As you can tell by the questions, I know zero about LCD screens… 8-/

Many thanks for your help.

In the same situation only some of the screen was not functioning. There is a post that i seen to replace the LEDs to brighten the display. you can do that if all digits are working. However you can take apart the LCD and clean it with acetone. I did it with mine which made little or no difference.

I just bought a almost mint condition AN1X except the backlight is pretty dim and hard to read so I plan on replacing the LEDs as well. I’ll provide an update and info when I get around to it!

I ordered the following 1.8mm diffused blue and green LEDs to try out on the AN1X. I prefer blue, but ordered the green just in case the blue LEDs don’t cut it. I’ll get them in a week or two so should have an update in a few weeks:

It turns out the LEDs I ordered above were rated at 3V. The LEDs in the AN1X are 2V. So I tried cutting the trace to the very small SMD resistors between 5V and the LEDs and added a couple of resistors with less resistance than the two existing ones to see if I could brighten up the existing LEDs in the AN1X. It worked, but the two new resistors were getting really hot so I backed that out and decided to order some more expensive 2V 1.8mm resistors from the UK:
1.8mm 2.2V Standard Diffused Green LED Resistor Required (216-050)
1.8mm 2.0V Standard Diffused Amber LED Resistor Required (216-051)
I figure that the Amber LEDs will be brighter since they are rated at exactly 2V, which is what is supplied in the AN1X. However, I’m not sure how this color will work when viewing the LCD. The good thing is they are all 70 degrees viewing angle, so the light should cover the display evenly. If the amber doesn’t work out, I’ll go with the green hoping that they will be brighter than the existing green LEDs.

I ended up using the following amber LEDs which are actually red and look great!
1.8mm 2.0V Standard Diffused Amber LED Resistor Required (216-051)


LEDs Replaced:


It looks like a Roland now :slight_smile:

Fantastic work Rob… that new display looks fantastic!!

Thanks for posting all of the data specs for the LEDs you used… I didn’t know that they were rated at 2V.

The red/amber LEDs look sensational so it looks as if that’s the way to go.


How did you deal with the lead spacing? The board holes are 4mm apart, the replacement LEDs leads are only 2.5mm. I can’t get the backs to sit flush like you did on the picture. If they’re not flush then they stick out too far to fit next to the LCD.

You have to bend each lead out parallel to bottom of the LED at 1-2MM and then straighten them back out vertically and then position them in the PCBs for soldering.