Yamaha Arius YDP-144 C and F# intermittently dead

I bought a used YDP-144. The original owner said it worked great for years and then suddenly had some keys stop working. They had the electronics cleaned and the problem went away, but they got a new piano in the meantime.

It worked fine for the first week or so after I got it, and then all of the C and F# keys intermittently stopped working. When it stops working, it’s all of the C and F# keys, and it can stay in a non-working state for days or weeks. When it starts working again, it can keep working for days or weeks.

Any thoughts on where the problem is likely to be?

Thanks in advance!!

Get the schematic. Are any circuits common to the C and F# keys?

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This issue is due to a trace on the MK (Main Keyboard) circuit boards having some corrosion. There is one trace that connects all the C’s and F#’s that has a break. A qualified technician can repair this . The MK circuit boards need to be removed from the keyboard assembly and inspected. A multimeter and a good magnifier is also needed usually. If the corrosion has started on all the 3 boards then I recommend they be replaced, along with the rubber contacts. Good luck!