Yamaha Clavinova CLP 260 felt Replacement

I’m looking for upper and lower felt for my Clavinova CLP 260 (to quiet the thumping noise the keys are making). Yamaha parts doesn’t carry the felt any more because this model is too old. Where can I find replacement felt?

Unfortunately, Yamaha no longer has those parts available. But since yours is the 76-note version of other keyboards that use a similar 88-note keybed (like the CLP-300, for instance), I am guessing that yours uses the same cushions, only shorter in length. So we can supply most of those.

There are 5 cushions in your keybed: one for the white keys when they are pressed and bottom out (upper front of the keybed chassis), another for when they are released (lower front), one for the black keys when they bottom out (upper rear), another for when they are released (lower rear), and finally one for when the key hammers go back to rest after a note is released. So here are the Syntaur part numbers I suggest for you (and on our home page, just enter this number in the search bar):

White keys down (upper front): #3475 (1/8-inch thick, 1/4-inch wide, 41.5 inches long)
White keys up (lower front): no suggestion, I will need more info
Black keys down (upper rear): #1065 (3/16-inch thick, 3/8-inch wide, 49 inches long - cut to length)
Black keys up (lower rear): #3475 (1/8-inch thick, 1/4-inch wide, 41.5 inches long)
Hammer release: no suggestion, I will need more info

For the part #3475, just make sure that 41.5 inches is long enough - it could be that you need an extra half-inch or something. If that is the case, use part #3786 (48 inches) and cut to length.

For the white key release and hammer release cushions, if you want to send the dimensions and maybe a photo of those, we can possibly match them.

Thank you very much for getting back to me. Your help is really appreciated. I just started playing piano and, needless to say, I know nothing about these felts. I’m attaching a picture where I’ve attempted to label the felts. Please tell me which ones I need to send dimensions for.

Also, you’re right. The felt seems to be 42.5" so I’ll buy the longer felt and cut it to size.
Piano Felt

Hello, Following up to see if you were able to match the white key release and hammer release cushions from the photo that I sent.

For the cushion labeled 4 in your photo, this one should be good:

And for #5, the closest thing we have will be this one:

Just cut these to length, and you should be fine.

Sam, I need felt also it seems. I just bought a Clavinova CVP-107 and it has a lot of rebounding key noise. How do I go about buying this felt? Much appreciated.- Rick