Yamaha Clavinova CLP-760 keys are making thumping noise

I need to replace the felt pads to eliminate the thumping noise of the keys on my Clavinova CLP-760. Unfortunately I can’t find the parts for this older model. Is it possible to use a felt pad from a newer model? Can you recommend the replacement parts?
I also need to replace the 2 main speakers as they are dry rotted.

No way you’re going to get these felts - the CLP-760 is a 1990 model !!
Best thing you can do - hardware shop and get strips if insulation that goes into door frames. Get the harder stuff - usually white with stick back - that will do the trick.

As for the speakers - again an issue since they are non standard - the frame is not round but looks more like a square - so the mounting holes are way out.

Here are the speaker details as much as available:

TWEETER 5cm 16Ohm 60W (YAMAHA Part # XG344A00 )
WOOFER 16cm 8Ohn 50W (YAMAHA Part # XG345A00 )

Open up the keyboard and see if there are any part identification numbers on the speakers. Yamaha might still be able to point you to compatible speaker drivers - speakers for that kind of use haven’t evolved much in decades. I had luck replacing 20+ year-old Sony woofers a while back. The sound wasn’t identical and the aesthetics were different but they fitted and worked.

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Thanks, I will stop by Home Depot and see what they have.

learn about the different types of felt, density,etc…you can buy felt in bulk and make your pads. as far as drivers go,get a can of truck bed liner for cones that dont move and LIGHT spray. for woofers get rubberized undercoating and do the same…If you need drivers. try MCM electronic in Ohio…