Yamaha Clavinova CVP-202 Pedal Plug-in repair

The pedal plug-in was always sort of loose and wouldn’t connect the pedals the first time. I ended up accidentally pushing in the “disc” it plugs into. Now there’s a hole and I don’t know if circuit board is damaged or if repairable. Anyone know where I might find circuit board or repair place?

The ‘disc’ you refer to is a mini-DIN jack, which is soldered onto the jack board (circuit board). So it sounds like the pedal jack has broken off of the circuit board. It may be possible to repair this, depending on the extent of the damage - maybe the jack can simply be resoldered.

If need be, it looks like we can probably still get a replacement jack board new from Yamaha; it’s about $140, and will have to be special ordered. With that, there would be no soldering involved - just unplug and unscrew the old jack board, and install this on in its place.

We have a listing of service centers on our site here:

If there is one near you, they should be able to assess the damage and give you an idea of whether it can be repaired. And if our list doesn’t show anyone near you, check locally - our list is just the places we have dealt with or that customers have told us about.

Good luck!

Sam, could you check with Yamaha, if they still have any jack/circuit boards for the Clavinova CVP-202, or other CVP boards that would work with the CVP-202? Also, I would like to know if they still have the pedal connector cord also, since mine hasn’t fit tightly and perhaps should be replaced.

The other issue is that to have someone local see if a solder repair is possible, I don’t know how to get the jack board out. There are 3 screws along the top of the piano, but a digital piano repair person told me it should be opened from the top (no idea how to do that). I’ve been quoted $80 to install a new circuit board, and he thinks they are no longer available for the CVP-202, so Sam, could you ask Yamaha for me over there? I’ll double check over here also with Yamaha Canada…

Well, I was rescued and very lucky! I found expert Jim Nelson, who came over and soldered a new connector to the circuit board, which had absolutely no damage on it, thank goodness! I recommend Jim to anyone who needs digital/synth servicing, he is easy to find, just Google him. Thanks again Jim, so relieved and very happy!!

That’s excellent news! Does Jim have a shop, or is he independent? If he has a shop, we can add him to our listing of service centers: