Yamaha Clavinova CVP50

Our CVP50 stopped playing sound and actually speakers got really high and stopped. Nothing on the keyboard is responding. Is there a way to repair this myself? What part would you suggest? Do they make these parts anymore?

Firstly - CVP-50 is very old - no chance to be getting any parts:

  • CVP-30 / CVP-50 / CVP-70 (1989)

Secondly - I don’t quite understand that first sentence?
" … CVP50 stopped playing sound and actually speakers got really high and stopped"

Can you elaborate please?

… finally; when you turn power on can you hear a relay click after about 3 … 5 secs?

It is a Yamaha clavinova CVP50 and it is not playing sound. The volume can go up and I hear it turn on but no sound when I press keys and buttons are not responding like changing tempo.

I turn the power on and I hear one click then silence. I understand it’s old just been working forever in the family

If you use Rhythm track - does that work but keyboard does not? Trying to work out if issue is key scan related?!

The rhythm track does not respond to any of the buttons that I push.

Does the display change if you select different voices ?

No it does not. But it does light up

Soo … what does the display read right now?

It just shows the number 120 on the display

I don’t think you be able to fix it (nor anyone else be my guess). Since outputs are working, ie the display shows the default 120 and other LED’s are showing what they should BUT no inputs are working, like keyboards and buttons. There are two chips responsible for that, a PPIA (Programmable Peripheral Interface Adapter) chip and Key Scanner chip both of which are factory programmed. So, even if you could get the chips, which will be a tough gig, you won’t have any possibility to program them anyway.

I am afraid - that’ll be a death sentence for that CVP-50

Maybe make some loud noises and someone out there has a working DM board but don’t bet on it !!!

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Well thank you. You have been very helpful. I thought it would not be fixable but wanted to ask.
Can you recommend a replacement that of not as expensive?

The DGX-670B is light years ahead in technology from your defunct CVP50. Check it out. Only $850