Yamaha CLP-S306 key repair

Does anyone know the key style for a black note on a Yamaha CLP-S306? It is D#, just above middle C.

The key does not come all the way up, and therefore plays quieter than normal. I assume the key needs to be replaced. Does that sound correct?

Have you checked the internal hammer action? Assuming it uses the metal hammers to create piano action.

I haven’t opened it up yet. I’ve since read on another forum that it is the same as the CLP-330, which I see parts listed for on this site. I’m trying to decide if I should open it up and have a look first, or order a replacement key & return spring first in the hopes that’s what it needs. I would rather not have to disassemble / re-assemble twice. I’ve never done this before so any advice is appreciated!

The return spring at the back of each key is what returns a key back to the top of it’s stroke. I would definitely open and inspect the key mechanism and attachments first. Anything interfering with the spring or pivot points on the key might cause that symptom. You may not need a part if something is only loose, detached, blocked, jammed, etc. If you do need a part of parts, you need to know which one it is, spring, key, some other attachment.

It turns out I did not need any parts, the key had simply come loose at the back and just needed to be reseated. But I do believe the CLP-330 parts would have been what I needed.

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