Yamaha CLP250 lost keys

I have a number of keys not working, All D keys above middle C and all G sharp keys above the one below middle C. Any help with this would be appreciated. There is no corrosion evident or loose connections on boards, the rest of the piano works perfectly.

Move the contact rubber from the area not working to an area that is working. If the problem moves with the contact rubber, the rubber needs to be replaced. If not, it is probably the contact circuit board. Only use rubbing alcohol for wiping the contact boards…Tony

Contact rubbers are the most likely culprit. Carefully vacuum around the keyboard mech with a soft brush tool to remove all fluff and other detritus that enters the keyboard areas from the outside world. Lightly wipe it over with an earbud moistened, NOT soaked, with 100% food grade Isopropyl Alcohol. If that does not work then you will have to replace the contact rubber strip. Make sue that you get the right one specifically cut for your model as many suppliers just send out generic rubbers that do not always fit correctly or have the conductive tracks offset to where they should be, which will affect the playing performance and timing on the Clavinova.