Yamaha CP-88 SPDT toggle switch replacement

Hi, I’m looking for some guidance in replacing one of the SPDT toggle switches on my keyboard. I’ve successfully opened the keyboard, but even after removing screws from the control board, I can’t get to the side that faces through to the user. The board still feels stuck in place, and I don’t want to break it.

Any guidance is appreciated!

im interested too. by the way did you remove the nut from around the switch on the front? or does it come off in one piece

It shouldn’t take any force to remove the PCB so something must still be holding it in place. You probably have to remove knobs and nuts from the control panel on the user side to free the board. If this is the case you may want to screw the board back in so it doesn’t fall off while removing the pot nuts and then remove the screws again.

You have to remove all knobs pertaining to the respective board (left or right), all nuts and washers off the respective toggle switches then underneath 6 or 8 screws around each board (8 on left and 6 on right board) and finally 2 screws and connect angle brackets between the two boards

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@wernersaurus and @Travis thanks for the suggestions! I’m sorry for the slow response; I just got around to working on the keyboard last night.

You are both right… The only thing I was missing were the nuts on the outside of the toggle switches. I had removed all the necessary interior screws.

For anyone finding this and seeking some help, here are a few tips:

  • There are screws on the PCB for fastening the controls to the PCB; these don’t need to be removed. It was immediately obvious to me which screws were and weren’t necessary for the removal of the PCB because all the screw heads on my keyboard were the same size and color.
  • I found this video of a similar repair (different keyboard, same part) that was helpful. I didn’t have a wide tip for my soldering iron, so in order to heat the solder for all three leads at the same time, I had to add extra solder to join them together (like a bridge). I could then heat that solder up enough to heat up the solder on the three leads simultaneously.

@wernersaurus and @Travis, the only problem I’m still having is that the switch won’t turn the section off. It remains constantly on (which I guess is better than just going in and out without warning like the old, broken switch did). I made sure the toggle is facing the same direction as the other two toggles on the control panel, but regardless of how many times I switch it, it remains on constantly. From what I can tell, it looks like the switch is resting against the PCB at all three contact points.

Your assistance is appreciated!