Yamaha CP4 Loose Key

A key on my Yamaha CP4 is working but acting weird. I suspect there is an issue with it and something is cracked or broken inside. It is a high B -white key.

I would like to replace the key which I have done before. Can you recommend the key to order and do I need to replace the hammer weight as well?

Thanks for your help.

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We have all our parts for the Yamaha CP-4 listed here

The key you need is K122UB. It’s difficult to say what all needs to be replaced since there’s a few parts that can break, we recommend opening up your keyboard before ordering so you can be sure exactly what’s broken.

I did open the board up and nothing is jumping out at me as broken. I think I may just put the new key in to see if that fixes the problem as a first step.

Thanks for the response.

Can you specify “acting weird” ? You mean wobbly key left-right ?