Yamaha CS 60 key numbering

In the proces of restoring my CS 60 I removed all of the keys for a thorough cleaning. I’m about to reinstall them and noticed on the back of the keys there’s a two digit number. Now it’s not like 01,02,03,…,61 but rather for the white keys there’s five keys with the number 11, another five keys with the number 12, than there’s two numbered 13, a couple of 23 and 24, some numbered 33 or 54 and so on. There’s even one that is numbered 64. The black keys are numbered 41 (9pc), 42 (5pc), 43 (5pc) or 44 (6pc). Finding no logic in this scheme whatsoever my guess is that it doesn’t matter in which order these keys go back in. I wanted to check in with anyone who has experience in this matter just to be sure.

I’ve seen other keys (Roland, for instance) where the black keys are numbered (1 through 5 in that case), and I’ve always been curious about this. But every black key on a keyboard is identical. And on the CS-60 specifically, every C and F are identical, every B and E are identical, every A is identical, etc - no matter which octave you put it in. The only unique key is the top C note. So don’t worry about those numbers - just worry about which note in the octave each key is.

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Hi Sam, many thanks for your input. You state it as i thought it would be. The keyboard is back together in the mean time and it works flawlessly. I didn’t mind the numbering, just went ahead and made sure the A~G keys were correctly placed.