Yamaha Cvp 203 keyboard

Yamaha cvp 203 recently replaced 5 damaged keys. Couple days later the keys produced no sound and the display went blank. What could I have done to make it do that or what is the connection between the two issues. Been a great keyboard to this point.

Never quit understand how these keys can get damaged - built like a tank these things! On that note … the damage to the keys may have caused more than just the keys … inspect the key contact board underneath the keys.
However, there was also an issue with the key frames collapsing on models around the late 1990’s to early 2000’s … first visible problem is keys getting stuck in down position. This unfortunately is not repairable at all - YAMAHA used to replace the entire keyframe during the 10 year guaranteed parts time frame … not anymore though.

As for the display going out … maybe just the ribbon cable from the main board to the front panel dislodged?

By the same token … also inspect the PSU/Amp board for leaking capacitors … mainly the big ones … known issue on these PSU/Amp boards.
BTW - CVP-2003 is 2001 model … 23 years old.