Yamaha CVP-207 - Sticky Keys

I have a CVP-207 with sticky keys. I’ve seen various posts on the Web that suggest this is due to a faulty keybed design from the factory. I’ve also read that replacing the affected keys is only a band-aid and that the issue will return. It seems the only cure is to replace the keybed. For a while Yamaha was offering replacements, but that program stopped years ago (this instrument was made circa 2001). Any idea where I could find a new keybed…other than Yamaha? Are there other keybeds that are compatible?

You won’t find a keybed other that that manufactured by Yamaha. The keys stick when a crack develops at the back end of the key, where it clips onto the keybed chassis. So replacing any sticky keys with new ones should solve the issue (at least with those specific keys). Replacing the whole keybed will give you 88 new keys, but it’s expensive. Either way, you’ll be getting keys that are more durable than the originals.

It’s curious that the D and E notes seem to be far more vulnerable to this cracking!

Is that the magic of the new keybed that Yamaha offered - thicker keys? Are the replacement keys of the thicker kind? And do you think replaced keys would last?

I don’t think they are thicker, but maybe a stronger compound - but I’m just guessing on that. But they are much more durable than the originals.

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