Yamaha CVP-301 no sound

My yamaha CVP-301 suddenly went dead, all lights and screen are on but no sound. Any helps to solve this problem are appreciated.

I am experiencing the same thing with my psr31. So far I have replaced most of the capacitors, audio amplifier and the volume control.
That did not fix my problem.
Try replacing the volume control or at least clean it.
Do you hear noise when the volume goes up and down?

Try headphones, and see if you get sound in them - if so, it’s likely a problem with the amplifier circuit. If not, play the demo sequence (if there is one) just to make sure that the problem isn’t actually the keybed not triggering anything. It’s not likely it’s a keybed problem, but if there is a demo sequence, it’s a simple thing to eliminate that possibility.

(If there is no demo sequence, you can plug another keyboard to the Yamaha’s MIDI IN, and see if you can play it that way.)

If you get no sound in headphones or by playing the demo, then it’s time to check the amplifier circuit, and work your way backwards until you find the culprit.

No sound on speakers and headphone, triied everything including demo, styles, songs… completely no sound.

I also notice with headphone plug in there is hum sound and cracking noise when turning the master control knob.