Yamaha CVP-50 Clavinola volume slider replacement

I emailed Yamaha and they replied that the CVP-50 is too old–no replacement available through them. The Yamaha site lists only two CVP sliders still in stock. I am attempting to replace the volume slider on a Clavinola CVP-50. There is only one volume slider.

The service manual states, If the user points outs defective volume control or if a complaint is received about interrupted or clamorous sound reproduction while adjusting the volume, please replace the slide volume control with the new one.*

This Clavinola, serial number 009148, exhibits such interrupted and clamorous sound production. It possesses the original volume slider but the only marking on it is 9384-10KAx2 which does not correspond to anything on the Yamaha parts site. The slider is 45mm long with a stroke (distance the actual slider travels?) just slightly less than 45mm. Facing the open top of the Clavinola with the circuits exposed, my slider has 4 soldered electronic connects on the left, and two on the right. It is a single slider with no clicks. There is one on the Yamaha parts that is the correct impedance and connections are the same, part number VF933700 which was replaced with VK36900R but the stroke is only 30mm which is probably too short? Otherwise solder connections are identical.

Any idea if one of the sliders on this website might be a suitable replacement?

It sounds like this is the slider you will need - it has a 45mm travel, and the same pin configuration and lever dimensions of the one you referenced:

Please let us know if this looks correct, so we can add to our site that this works for the CVP-50.

Thanks. That looks like it might be a winner. I’ll need to wait one week, then order, and will report back whatever I might learn.

Thanks again,

Today I ordered your recommended slider. Any tips on how to remove/unsolder the existing slider? It seems to me that if I unsolder the contacts at one end (left, for example), by the time I unsolder the right contacts the left contacts will have already solidified again. I cannot damage/destroy the old slider just in case the new one does not work. Any help is appreciated.

Some desoldering braid or wick is a great thing to have. It’s like a braided flat ribbon of copper strands, and when you put it against a solder joint then press the soldering iron to it, the braid will wick up the old solder. It’s like a roll of Bounty paper towels, only it’s metal…

Once you remove the solder this way, the slider should practically fall out of the circuit board.

I would endorse the use of a “solder sucker” tool. I’ve been using one and it works great! Takes some coordination to have it handy when you’re getting the component’s solder melted. Press the trigger and the solder is sucked up!

Thanks. Ordered.:face_with_monocle:

Thank you. I ordered this along with a copper solder wick so I should be good to go.

Unfortunately this slider was too long. Website p roduct description and invoice description are inaccurate. Web site and invoice say 45mm. Slider is 60mm in length and actual slider has stroke /travel of 55mm (see photos). There are zero dimensions to this item that even closely resemble 45mm. No ability to install it to test it with Clavinola CVP-50 .

That is a 45mm slider - your measurement of 55mm is including the width of the shaft. If you measure the length of travel of one edge of the slider shaft, you’ll get 45mm. In other words, if you place the left end of your ruler at the end of the slot on top of the slider, the left edge of the shaft will be at 45mm.

Have you compared it to the slider in the keyboard?

Wait, no I haven’t held it up to my original. Will do when I get home.