Yamaha CVP-55 Key Notes Not Playing together

Hello I have just replaced the rubber key contact in the key bed, and everything appears to be working good independently, but when i press the G and C note simultaneously the C doesn’t make a sound. This is the case all the way up the keyboard. Any suggestions what to check ? Thanks in advance !

Well - did it work before you replaced the contact strip !? Did you also re-install the mask strip?
First up I‘d suggest to re-do the strip and mask - if they are not positioned correctly it can cause that sort of behaviour (been there - done that).

“G … C” are in the same scan group … if the above does not fix the problem it also may be a connection issue.

Thanks for the info ! The keyboard wasn’t working good before I replaced the rubber contact strip. The old strip had holes where some of the heavily used keys would strike, however I didn’t notice the G-C issue until the new contact was replaced. I have since found out the C# - F# keys are acting the same way. I plan to take out the new contact strip and reinstall ASAP. I did mark the breaks in the old strip and replaced the new one exactly as the old strip. The mask strip is also installed.
The wiring diagram shows to be for the CVP-65 only, is this correct for the CVP-55 also ? Thanks in Advance