Yamaha digital piano stand screws?

Hi, I have a Yamaha YDP-140 with a stand, but we lost the screws in a move - so right now the piano is precariously unsecured to the stand. I was able to find the assembly instructions online, so I know what sizes are used (6 x 16mm, for example), but I’m not sure if the screw threads are universal where any screw labelled 6 x 16mm would work. Does anyone know if it’s possible to order compatible replacement screws?

Try Boltdepot.com they have a good selection.

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thanks, I ordered some 6x16mm screws, hopefully they work well

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Talk about crazy, the exact same thing just happened to me! Was that the correct size?

yup! worked perfectly and now I’ve got a stable piano for my kids to play on.