Yamaha DX100 Replacement Key


I have a Yamaha DX100 which works perfectly but has a missing Top C Prime Key on the mini keyboard. I’d like to replace it for aesthetic reasons TBH! There doesn’t appear to be any damage to the underlying keybed. Looks like the key just got pulled out somehow.

I’ve found the replacement key on the store here , but can anyone tell me if there’s any other parts to the Key which lurk underneath? A spring or similar?

Additionally how far do I have to disassemble the keybed to insert the replacement key? I’ve opened the DX and it seems pretty simple to lift out the Keybed, but after that what can I expect?

Thanks in advance!

if you haven’t already, download the service manual.

Yamaha makes their keyboard as a removeable assembly

this video explains how to remove the keys

Hello, I did not replace the keys of my Yamaha DX100, but I disassembled it several times for electronic problems. I don’t think it’s complicated, it’s within everyone’s reach, if you’re a little handy, I think you’ll get there. On the other hand, I disassembled my Yamaha SY55 twice to replace the keys, I never watched a video and it was not complicated. Good luck :wink: