Yamaha DX200 Button & Encoder Issues

Hi there!

I’ve got a Yamaha DX200 with a couple of issues, so will break this into two parts.

Problem 1: the FEG/AEG select button isn’t responding to any presses at all.

What might be the reasons this could be happening - and if it requires replacement parts, could you kindly indicate which ones would be needed? :slight_smile:

Problem 2: the data encoder is still skipping even after recent replacement (it performs better when the button is held in the 10/11 o’ clock position, but is generally unreliable).

Any ideas as to why it might still be behaving like this?

Looking forward to any guidance, and thanks in advance!


Problem 1:
All switches are tactile and they do fail over time depending on usage - I suggest replace the lot … they are cheap, less than $1, and available at any electronics store. Don’t unsolder them, just twist them off with a pair of pliers then unsolder the pins.

Problem 2:
To start with I would suggest to check connections of the cable from CN3 (Panel Board) to CN6 (DM Board), make sure to clean flux and dirt from solder joints on the Panel Board where the encoder was replaced. If still no good , get another encoder switch … just to verify. Beyond that … there is a Schmitt Inverter chip on the main DM board … may be a possibility.