Yamaha DX21 - key replacement + cleaning tips?

Hi there…
I just picked up a yamaha dx21 for a fairly decent price and I’m wondering if the keys are interchangeable with any other yamaha synths?
Also… this old board is probably the stinkiest old hardware I’ve ever come across. I’d swear it was in a house fire but probably just decades in a VERY smokie environment. There are other hideous odours I can’t put my finger on (and won’t) and I’m looking for any tips on what I might use to neutralize the stench. I swear! I’ve never experienced a smell on an old keyboard like I have with this one.
Phew!!! :speak_no_evil:
Any suggestions will be seriously considered…and most likely applied!

  1. Replacement keys - maybe from a Yamaha of similar vintage but definitively not from a more recent instrument - they all work entirely different.

  2. Stench - worst I ever had was a CASIO Privia that was used by a cat as a toilet :frowning:
    Best I can suggest is to strip it completely - wash parts with Methylated Spirits (NOT the purple stuff - that will dissolve lots of things) and then just leave in an open space for some time to aerate.