Yamaha DX5 Aftertouch Strip - Cross Compatibility With Korg


I have a Yamaha DX5 that seems to have a faulty aftertouch strip so I am trying to hunt down a replacement part. As yet, I have not managed to find one but I am led to believe that the DX5 shared the same keyboard mechanism with various other 76 note keyboards in the Yamaha range, as well as those in the Korg range produced in that same time period and possibly beyond.

Syntaur are currently showing stock of a Korg T2 aftertouch strip and I was looking to find some reassurances and confirmation that it might be identical to what was used in the DX5 before I order it. As I live in the U.K., I need to be sure before I purchase and ship something in, incurring the usual import duties, only to find out that it isn’t compatible.

If anyone has knowledge on this subject and can either confirm or deny the compatibility, I would be incredibly grateful.

Thanks in advance!


The aftertouch sensor boards on the Syntaur site are the same part number. So it would look to be compatible. As long as that’s not a misleading picture on the site.

It would definitely look that way :slightly_smiling_face:

While the T2 did use a Yamaha keybed, the T2 service docs don’t reference any Yamaha part numbers, so we can’t say for certain what crosses over between the T2 and the DX5. And we’ve never dug through a DX5 to do parts research. But if the T2 aftertouch sensor on our site looks the same as yours (particularly the wiring connector), then I’d be pretty sure it’s the same. The photo on our site should be the exact T2 part.